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Maicha Sports Bra | Rose Brown

Maicha Sports Bra | Rose Brown

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Maicha BreatheEasy Sports Bra: Comfort Beyond Compare

Experience unmatched support and comfort with the Maicha AirFlow Sports Bra. Designed to enhance breathability, this sports bra keeps you feeling cool and confident throughout your workout. Its sleek and versatile design allows for effortless movement, empowering you to push your limits

Item Number: DQ-216

Care Guide

Care Guide for Activewear

- Wash After Each Use
-Turn Inside Out:
-Use Cold Water
-Choose a Gentle Cycle
- Avoid Fabric Softener
- Use Mild Detergent
- Skip the Dryer
- Avoid Direct Sunlight
- Store Properly
- Spot Clean When Needed:
- Handle with Care
- Separate Colors:
- Avoid Ironing:
- Refresh Between Washes

By following these care instructions, you can extend the life of your activewear and keep it looking and performing its best.
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