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Kaos 40 oz Tumbler | Salmon

Kaos 40 oz Tumbler | Salmon

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Kaos 40 oz Tumbler - Ultimate Hydration Solution

Discover the ultimate hydration solution with the Kaos 40 oz Tumbler. Ideal for an active lifestyle, this tumbler offers a large capacity and excellent insulation. Choose your favorite color and stay refreshed.


Care Guide

Care Guide for Activewear

- Wash After Each Use
-Turn Inside Out:
-Use Cold Water
-Choose a Gentle Cycle
- Avoid Fabric Softener
- Use Mild Detergent
- Skip the Dryer
- Avoid Direct Sunlight
- Store Properly
- Spot Clean When Needed:
- Handle with Care
- Separate Colors:
- Avoid Ironing:
- Refresh Between Washes

By following these care instructions, you can extend the life of your activewear and keep it looking and performing its best.
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